How to Tie a Bowtie

Tying a bowtie can be tricky. We always get a tone of questions about it, especially during wedding season.

So I did a little step-by-step tutorial with the good folks from The Today Show, because a gentleman with style never wears pre-tied or clip-on neckwear.

Start by adjusting the bowtie to your proper neck size (the backside should be adjustable with a clip and holes for different collar sizes).

Step 1

How to tie a bow tie

Put the bow tie underneath your collar, with the right side hanging about an inch lower.

Loop the two sides (like the first part of tying your shoes) and pull tightly around your neck.

Step 2

How to tie a bow tie

Take the right side (the slightly shorter “under side”) and fold it horizontally so it’s parallel to the floor. This will be the first side of your bow.

Now drape the left side over the right so it’s pointing toward the floor, and pinch the two pieces together.

Step 3

How to tie a bow tie

Complete the bow by grabbing the left side and bringing it behind the folded right side.

Now this is the tricky part… Stuff the middle of the left side through the space in between the folded right side and the first part of the left side that crosses over it.

How to tie a bow tie

Don’t push the left end all the way through the hole, only push the middle through (creating a fold) so the end remains pointing out to your right (opposite of the original fold – there should be a fold and a point on each side).

Step 4

How to tie a bow tie

Now that you have the basic knot down, it’s all about adjusting, adjusting, adjusting. Tighten and loosen the ends until you achieve symmetry. If it’s not perfectly symmetrical, that’s okay, a little askew can be charming.


Dan Trepanier demonstrates how to tie a bow tie

Thanks, as always, for reading.


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