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In general, fashion defines clothing and accessories,style and costumes. Andthere’s revolution of trends followed around the world, known as ‘Fashion trends’, and changing trends have always reflected us one way or the other. While summer is right around the corner, you must be confused about what to wear.
You might not want to miss out the latest summerfashion trends at all. Do you?Stay ahead of the game with our guide to this summer’s fashion trends. 


5 Jeans: The Perfect Denim Wardrobe

The right denim fits most of my criteria for a good wardrobe investment: a durable fabric that builds character over time, a timeless design that can be worn for years and years, and a versatile garment that can be worn with everything from a t-shirt to a bespoke jacket.

In my opinion the perfect denim wardrobe consists of only five pairs of jeans:

Tailored Indigo


For your raw indigo pair, have them tailored to fit like your trousers, because you’re most likely to wear these with tailored jackets. These APC jeans, for example, have been hemmed with no-break making them ideal for loafers and sharp dress boots. Continue reading 5 Jeans: The Perfect Denim Wardrobe